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Magnets have been in use since ancient times. Magnets were used in treating various ailments by the ancient doctors. Magnets or lodestones were part of the daily lives of men from around 2000 BC. Magnets have a number of uses and can be seen everywhere from simple toys and clocks to complex MRI machines and other heavy industrial machinery.

Magnets are broadly classified into three main categories, permanent magnets, temporary magnets and electromagnets. All these magnets in Brisbane have varying physical properties, degrees of magnetism and can work well in different temperature conditions.

Some of the common uses of magnets in Brisbane are


Magnets are commonly used for sorting metals from non-metallic elements. Magnets are used as separators in many industries such as mining industry, recycling industry, food processing industry and pharmaceutical industry. Magnetsare used in recycling industry to separate the metallic waste from other kinds of waste. They are used in mining industry to separate the rock and other containments from the iron ore. Food processing industry uses magnetic separators, chutes and drums to separate metallic contaminants and excess iron from food products.


Magnets have been used from ancient times to treat different ailments. Ancient doctors used lodestones to treat many illnesses. The Indian, Chinese, Egyptian and Greeks used lodestones in treatment procedures. Magnetic technology is still popularly used in medicine. MRI or the Magnetic Resonance machine is used in hospitals and diagnostic centres to see the internal organs of the body and treat difficult diseases. Magnetic therapy is also used commonly to treat pains and other ailments.


Magnets are commonly found in almost all of the electronic equipment, such as televisions, radio, microwave ovens etc. while some equipment use visible magnets, other devices use small magnets in Brisbane that are tucked away in the inner circuits of the machines. Magnets are important components of modern laptops and desktop computers.

 Debit and credit cards

Magnets are used in the manufacture of debit and credit cards. The magnetic strip at the back of these cards is a type of flexible magnet.

Industrial machinery

Magnets are an important component of heavy industrial machinery. The heavy machines generally use electromagnets, which generate strong magnetic fields.

Owing to their numerous uses, we can say that magnets in Brisbane are the most commonly used components in our day to day lives.