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It is very likely that you have seen some of the eye-catching custom stickers in NZ on car bumpers. Bumper stickers and other decals are becoming popular among car owners because it allows them to personalize their vehicles. The sticker can contain a personal thought or a marketing message that can be seen by motorists.

Bumper sticker advertisements are literally everywhere. People see the message and remember. It is gaining popularity because it is effective in generating exposure not to mention that it inexpensive. Sometimes, the advertising sticker is placed on buses, vans, taxis and personal cars as long as they are not too big.

Because of the high quality of adhesive backing and the vinyl material, the stickers when applied to a flat surface are guaranteed to stand up to harsh elements like rain, snow,, sleet or UV rays. To make sure that the bumper sticker stays clean and beautiful, it is suggested to wipe the surface regularly with wet cloth to remove dirt and dust. Once you decide to remove the sticker, you are assured that no messy residue will be left behind on the bumper’s surface.

If the bumper sticker will be used for advertising, it can be customized into different shapes or sizes. The sticker will be more eye-catching with colour combinations and screened graphics. Instead of the traditional narrow rectangles, the sticker can be in the form of a triangle, circle or square. Check a design that will complement the logo of the business.

It is a good idea to use a design that is related to the business. For example a cake is a good choice for a bakery while a hammer is suitable for a hardware store. Be creative in choosing the design because the more unique that more it will be remembered.

You can order as many custom stickers in NZ as you need because there is no minimum order number required. For custom stickers, you can upload the design you want and it will be digitally printed according to your requirements. There are also graphic designers that will help you come up with a visually appealing logo and colour scheme.