Victorian Coroner Pushes For Phasing Out Open-Flue Heaters

A Victorian coroner recently called for a majour manuevre, asking for the phasing out of open-flue heaters across the AU, due to them being a potential health hazard. Firstly, there are hundreds of thousands of open-flue heater across the AA, which would make htat praticular task, difficult, to say the least. Secondly, there are hundreds […]

Tips For Effective Team Building

Communication and cooperation are key to an organisation performing effectively. Regardless of the nature, the environment, and the size of the organisation, making sure that everyone can communicate and cooperate effectively is key. For that reason, team building activities are becoming more and more popular. But like any tool in the corporate work space, team […]

A Guide To Health Insurance In Thailand

With its white sandy beaches and warm weather, Thailand is a tropical wonderland. It’s a popular destination for tourists and expats alike. Of  course, when you’re travelling abroad, it’s always a good idea to be prepared, and getting health insurance in Thailand is certainly a recommendation well-worth following. Here’s some info to help you out. […]

Tips For Planning Your Funeral

No one likes talking about deaths, or funerals. Especially if it’stheir own funeral. It’s hard to look through coffins or cremation urns in preparation for our death, but it’s inevitable. It’s not only a practical course of action for yourself to have something ready in case of the worst coming to pass, it also makes […]