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Many homeowners in Australia have never been this happy because solar panels on the Gold Coast prices have never this low. With the cost of electricity being so high, many homeowners have decided to install solar panels on their rooftops to enjoy the full benefits of renewable energy. Solar panels are popular features that make the home highly interesting to buyers.

Australia has the lowest prices of solar panels in the world. This is the reason for the growing demand for the renewable energy. According to a report released by Deloitte Global Renewable Energy Trends, the low costs and improvement in solar panel technology is driving the demand for renewable with solar and wind reaching the price and performance parity on and off the grid.

Wind and solar is now being considered as the solutions to strengthen grid reliability and resilience rather than obstacles. The presence of smart inverters and advanced controls allows wind and solar to provide more reliability in terms of frequency, voltage and ramping compared to other generation sources.

In 2016, South Australia suffered from a state-wide blackout because of some issues with the state’s wind farms which were switched off when major transmission lines fell down due to bad weather. The state-wide blackout happened because of an interconnection failure and the freak weather event.

South Australia was able to achieve greater network resilience and grid stability when a large scale solar farm was deployed and a 100MV battery storage facility was installed. The network was able to mitigate the magnitude of unforeseeable events by introducing renewable and energy storage.

Obstacles towards the use of renewable are receding because of the reduction in the costs of solar power and improved technologies such as automation and manufacturing techniques that make production more efficient.

It is suggested to compare solar panels on the Gold Coast prices to determine the best deal that will suit the budget. However, make sure that a cheaper price will not compromise the quality and design of the product. Longevity and energy efficiency are guaranteed by advanced solar panel construction and design. It will also make a big difference on the level of power generated each day.