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If you aim to be versatile in terms of your wardrobe choices, you must have sweaters on the list of your available garments. It is the ultimate symbol that the colder months have already started. Sweaters can be made of different fabrics including sheep wool, cotton, silk, cashmere, linen and blends.

Cashmere is made from wool that is collected from a specific breed of goats. This material is the symbol of luxury because it is super soft, delicate, warm, light and expensive. To enjoy the best quality, you must always pay the price required to own it. If you can afford it, you must have at least one of this. You can also go for a common material which is cotton because it is not only cool but durable as well. This is suitable to be worn even during the summer and spring months. If you want to sport a sweater in the sweltering hot, go for linen because it is breathable and has the capacity to absorb moisture.

Silk is not a common material in making sweater but it is found to be a good insulator and to add a touch to the usual sweater design. There are sweaters that are made using a blend of materials in order to satisfy the criteria by the consumers. Luxury brands make use of cashmere, wool and silk while brands targeting the public choose materials such as linen and cotton.

There are different types of sweaters that can be used depending on the occasion. If you are going to work or meeting for business, v-neck sweaters made of light and soft materials are recommended. Go for the ones with less patterns and smooth texture. If you are traveling or doing something that is not work-related, you can sport more casual styles that are thicker and has more patterns in it.

If you have a number of sweaters in your wardrobe, it is important that you know how to clean them. Washing is only recommended at the start and conclusion of a season. Make sure to read the care tag attached to the garment and follow religiously. It is better to hand wash rather than use a washing machine. Ringing is also not recommended before hanging.