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Hotel fires seldom happen, but they can greatly affect the hotel guests with serious consequences. Guests need to take extra precaution and be aware of basic information when this instance can happen. When you are knowledgeable, you can protect yourself especially when booked in a business hotel Sukhumvit for your vacation.

Most guests want to be booked in the topmost parts of a hotel building. However, for security reasons, it is best to get a room that is no higher than the fifth storey. It’s the best way to feel safe. In many fire cases, fire ladders can only reach this part and will have difficulty if you are in higher storeys.

Also check if the business hotel Sukhumvit have the closest fire extinguishers situated on your floor. Be familiar with which parts of the building can you find exit stairs. This should ensure that you can escape the catastrophe in times of emergency. Also, never use the elevators even if it is working as it can endanger your life and get you trapped.

If the smoke alarm in your room or in the hotel goes off, never open the door and rush out into the hallway. Instead, gently touch the doorknob of your room and see if it’s hot, then get down on your knees and open the knob slowly. If the building has smoke all over, move by crawling towards the stairs and leave the building as fast as you can. With a hot knob, you need wet towels to put them at the bottom of the door. Fill the bathtub with cold water. Take curtains, drapes or blinds down so that the emergency crew can see you and will provide you help.

What to do when earthquake happens while you’re in your room?

In times of an earthquake, secure yourself by staying underneath a durable table inside your hotel room. Ensure that your head and neck are protected the best that you can. Once the ground stops shaking, leave the building as fast as you can. Never use the elevator as it can get you trapped. Once out of the building, watch out for falling debris that can be on your way. Look for an open space that is far from a business hotel Sukhumvit building especially when it begins to collapse.