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People across the world are big on sports. Not only do people adjust their schedule to make sure they get to see their favourite teams battle it out, they’re also willing to spend a lot on money for sports gear.

But sports gear can be expensive, regardless of whether or not you’re buying from an AFL store or looking for friends with good gear they’re willing to let go of, there are some simple steps you can take in order to save up some money.

Buying from consignment stores

You don’t actually need to buy stuff that’s brand new. Consignment and secondhand stores that specialize in sporting goods are great for finding both new and lightly-used stuff for low prices. Not only that, on the off-chance you have unneeded gear, you can trade them in or consign them in order to make a quick buck.

Look for people with gear they don’t need

Find people with gear they don’t need, like older team members. If they have any gear they no longer need or have outgrown, then it might be worth asking if they’ll sell that stuff; odds are they’ll sell it for a steep discount. You’re helping them clean out their closet, and they’ll be probably be happy to give their gear to someone who can put it to good use.

eBay or Amazon

Online retailers are great if you’re looking for new and used sporting equipment. There’s a lot of variety, as well as a convenient way to compare prices. There are even customer ratings and reviews, so you can get an idea of what you’re going to buy.

Look in Facebook

Facebook users have access to groups that are all about posting sales of a huge range of stuff, sporting goods included. These groups are great for finding stuff. You can just do a quick Facebook search, typing in something like “sport equipment exchange” in your area, then request to join the group in order to see what’s on offer.

Clearance and end-of-season sales

Clearance and end-of-season products are much cheaper. Any retailer, any AFL store will typically work to clear out some of their existing seasonal stock in order to make space for something that’s a little more in-season. The end of the current season is the best time to get stuff for next season, as that’s when the discounts are at their highest.